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Marble Care Tips

Care Tips for Your Marble and Granite

Marble Care Tips

Natural Stone Care

When you have a natural stone surface like a marble floor, you need to consider certain tips to take best care of the floor. This may involve regular maintenance and cleaning. Taking proper care can vary depending on the type and condition of stone you have at your home or office.

It’s a fact that one of the very first things that people notice about your home or office when entering the premises is the floor. Now exposure to certain elements like dirt, scratches from time to time may affect the natural glow and beauty of the marble floors. Cleaning the marble floors is significant to maintain freshness of the tiles.

The most significant task which can be carried out on a regular basis to keep the stone looking new and extending time before restoration is to dust mop. Dirt, grit and sand are somewhat the most disparaging materials to most natural stones. If all of these substances can be eliminated, then stone maintenance would really be non-existent.

Stone floor can never be dust mopped too often. You must use dry, non treated, clean mop at least once a day, especially in the high traffic areas and less often in the low traffic areas. The entry floors need to best taken care of. This will help minimize a good amount of dirt, sand and grit.

Keep in mind to wash or shake off the mat regularly to remove the accumulated diet. You should be aware of the fact that rugs with the rubber backs may leave the marks in the stone needing some costly restoration to remove. When you can eliminate the grit, the dirt and sand, there will be nothing left behind to dull the stone or scratch.

Avoid the household chemicals. These chemicals do not come formulated to clean the stone floor. Most can cause more harm than good. Hence, neutral cleaners are generally recommended. Use a neutral cleaner to damp mop the floor once a week. You can also clean the walls, the counters and the vanities with the use of a suitable cleaner. Put in the spray bottle. Spray the surface. Then clean it with the use of any soft natural fiber cloth. Repeat it with use of a good neutral cleaner that will keep your natural stone looking fresh and add in the natural luster of the stone.

The good neutral cleaner are considered to be much cheaper than paying for a natural stone expert or professional to reinstate the marble.

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