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AAA Marble Care qualifies as your special firm of specialists for Marine Granite Refinishing in Miami. We are ready to do an on-site evaluation of the granite areas on your boat and present you with up-front FREE no-obligation estimates. Contact us and discuss your various granite cleaning needs. We have benefited numerous boat owners over the years especially before the boat shows. We are highly praised! Confidently hire us today! We will safely transform your granite into the thing of beauty that it is supposed to be. You have chosen us wisely when you choose us , the true leaders in the business, AAA Marble Car.! We are a very well-established and respected company , serving residential, commercial and marine sectors. We have been benefiting South Florida for years. We are known for our hallmarks of professionalism and give great attention to detail in every job. We are experts in our field and promise to bring back that shine and luster to your natural stone, especially granite. We fully guarantee all of our services.

Whether your Marine Granite Refinishing in Miami centers on a luxury vessel or a modest yacht, we are ready to apply our range of advanced skills, and to serve you beyond your highest expectations. We facilitate all of our clients in every possible way. We extend all professional courtesies as well. We answer all of your questions. You are sure to enjoy dealing with us. We communicate well. It can be realistically expected that all marble and granite floors and counter tops will be subjected to some degree of wear and tear, and perhaps even abuse as well. We have a great track-record of success dealing with the dullest looking piece of marble or granite into a gleaming thing of beauty. Our marine polishing department is equipped with the world famous tools and resources which will guarantee the restoration and maintenance of your marble.

We use diamond polishing pads to bring back the original finish and texture of marble floors, counter tops, surfaces, on your boat or yacht, water taxi or luxury vessel. Our Marine Granite Refinishing Miami and polishing services are highly praised and appreciated by owners of private luxury boats and businesses with fleets of yachts and fun boats. Why waste your precious time trying to find granite specialists for your boat's granite surfaces, when we, AAA Marble Care are willing to go the extra mile to completely please you in every possible way? Your granite care requires professional treatment. It is not a DIY project to be tackled on your own stream. We can do for you what you cannot dream of doing for yourself as regards transforming dull granite into gleaming natural stone! Our rates are affordable to all. We maintain stable pricing throughout the year in the interest of clients.

We, at AAA Marble Care specialize in natural stone care which includes preservation, restoration and complete repair of fine stone and tile. Our overall experience goes into every project we carry out. In addition to our knowledge and understanding, our artistic craftsmanship has been a major asset to the company. We use only premium products in order to ensure careful attention to the details. These are few things that set us apart from the competition. In addition to marble cleaning, marble restoration and marble polishing, AAA Marble Care also provides stone restoration, stain management, crack repair, polishing, grinding, color enhancing, color sealing, etch removal, stone restoring/refinishing, tile and grout cleaning.

Marble Care

  • Diamond Grinding
  • Diamond Refinishing pads
  • marble cleaning products
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Honing
  • Sealing
  • Maintenance Program

Terrazzo Restoration

  • Diamond Refinishing
  • Polishing Sealing

Mexican Tile

  • Stripping
  • Staining grout
  • Sealing
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