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Marine Granite Restoration in Fort Lauderdale, as performed by our tradesmen, can be relied upon throughout the year. We are at your service. We consider it an honor to take care of granite, a thing of beauty. We make ourselves available when you need us most. Contact our helpful, knowledgeable staff for detailed information on our granite restoration process. With us, AAA Marble Care, looking after your granite, there will never be any need to worry about the future of your granite surfaces on the boats. Our expert are engaged in offering some of the most effective granite care services to commercial, residential, and marine clients. Our staff will introduce brilliant shine to your granite and marble flooring and surfaces. Our marble, granite and stone services are aimed at delivering complete client satisfaction. Our experienced marine tradesmen can competently restore walls, showers, vanities and natural stone or marble surface and more.

You may realize one day that even very minimal usage of granite surfaces can result in a bad outlook. Regular activities remove the luster, sheen and shine from both granite and marble surfaces making them appear dull. AAA Marble Care is in a position to help you with the regaining of the beauty of granite. You can easily access our excellent Marine Granite Restoration Fort Lauderdale service. We maintain low service charges. We are fully committed to providing you with the finish that you desire. Discuss that aspect with us in advance. We aim to please! Our full understanding of the elements of natural stone, our passion for stone care and our dedication, qualify us as being fit and proper to serve you with services for caring and maintaining the granite on your boat. We effectively bring out the highest potential of natural stone flooring and counter tops. Call today for FREE consultation!

There is absolutely no doubt that we, AAA Marble Care, are experts at granite care and maintenance and can restore the most battered granite surfaces. We master the art of granite restoration. We utilize various high-powered tools and diamond polishing pads to bring back the original appearance of granite or marble flooring and counter tops in your boat or yacht. We skillfully apply stone color enhancer which seals the surface of the stone and creates protective barriers. Our services are directed to bring back the natural shine and color to your marble floor. We are the well-known experts in Marine Granite Restoration Fort Lauderdale! We boast a long, list of happy clients, who remain loyal to us. They have praised our work performance over and over again. They vouch for our reliable granite restoration services. Why continue to search for granite care when we know how to care your granite?

We, at AAA Marble Care specialize in natural stone care which includes preservation, restoration and complete repair of fine stone and tile. Our overall experience goes into every project we carry out. In addition to our knowledge and understanding artistic craftsmanship has been a major addition to the company. We use only premium products in order to ensure careful attention to the details. These are few things that set us apart from the competition. In addition to marble cleaning, marble restoration and marble polishing, AAA Marble Care also provides stone restoration, stain management, crack repair, polishing, grinding, color enhancing, color sealing, etch removal, stone restoring/refinishing, tile and grout cleaning.

Marble Care

  • Diamond Grinding
  • Diamond Refinishing pads
  • marble cleaning products
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Honing
  • Sealing
  • Maintenance Program

Terrazzo Restoration

  • Diamond Refinishing
  • Polishing Sealing

Mexican Tile

  • Stripping
  • Staining grout
  • Sealing
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