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We, here at AAA Marble Care, excel at all types of Marble Restoration in Miami Beach. We have done so for many years! Count on us to do a great job, when you hire us! We assure you of our competence. We approach marble care service with enthusiasm. We are ourselves lovers of all types of marble. Entrust your valuable marble to our care and you will never regret it in any way! Our fully trained, highly experienced, extremely skilled professionals, work hard to offer the most outstanding workmanship you can ever imagine and expect from us. We serve a range of clients: commercial, residential and marine. Our service staff includes qualified and experienced technicians who will add a brilliant shine to your marble flooring and surfaces, without leaving behind a big mess. Let us assist you in maintaining your marble surfaces. We are certain, that you appreciate the great importance of keeping the lasting appeal and beauty of marble, and also maintain and preserving its economic worth. Meet with us in FREE consultation to discuss your needs. Ask for estimates!

All types of marble floors and counter tops will experience various degrees of wear and tear over time. It is therefore very important to know how to maintain your marble surfaces. Meet with us and get tips from our experts. AAA Marble Care is a company that has always been fully committed to providing clients with the finish that they desire. With our proven expertise, trained work force, with our firm understanding of all aspects of marble care, we are the ideal company for you. No job is too small or too massive for us to accept responsibility for and manage competently from start to finish. We can efficiently and effectively bring out the highest potential of natural stone flooring and counter tops. Whether you are a Commercial, Residential or Marine client, we can take charge of your Marble Restoration in Miami Beach and any other marble care needs. We promise to stay within your budget. Treasure your marble floors and objects. The unique appearance of marble is mesmerizing in every way. Give us the opportunity to prove our worth to you, by hiring us.

Expect our highly experienced technicians to create lasting appeal in your marble. Our marble care workers can proficiently restore walls, showers, staining grout, vanities and natural stone or marble surface. Our reputable company is well-known for mastering the use of state of the art techniques and tools, like diamond polishing pads, diamond grinding, high quality stone polishing pads, polishing powders and other machineries to remove the dullness, etching, staining that occurred over time on all types of marble floors and counter tops. We apply stone color enhancers, specially designed to seal the surface of the stone for secure protection. For Marble Restoration in Miami Beach, call AAA Marble Care today. You will be at a great advantage using us as your marble care company. We understand service delivery principles. Plus, we are client-oriented. We make you our priority as soon as you become our client. We want you to be so satisfied with our marble workmanship, that you begin to refer us to family and friends in search of a marble care company of distinction.

We, at AAA Marble Care specialize in natural stone care which includes preservation, restoration and complete repair of fine stone and tile. Our overall experience goes into every project we carry out. In addition to our knowledge and understanding, our artistic craftsmanship has been a major addition to the company. We use only premium products in order to ensure careful attention to detail. These are a few things that set us apart from the competition. In addition to marble cleaning, marble restoration and marble polishing, AAA Marble Care provides stone restoration, stain management, crack repair, polishing, grinding, color enhancing, color sealing, etch removal, stone restoring, refinishing, tile and grout cleaning.

Marble Care

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  • Diamond Refinishing pads
  • marble cleaning products
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  • Diamond Refinishing
  • Polishing Sealing

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  • Staining grout
  • Sealing
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