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Professional Marble Restoration is advised, if you are serious about your marble. Not only do you need expert guidance on marble care but you need a service company with the necessary trusted, proven methods and techniques as well as modern machinery to add shine to your marble. We are the ideal marble care company for you! We are the reputable AAA Marble Care! We are a well-established marble and natural stone care and restoration service provider, a reliable company, serving South Florida for many years. We are truly fully dedicated to marble care and professional restoration. We assure you that we can bring back the luster and shine to all of your marble surfaces and any other marble in your home, office or on your luxury yacht. Give our expert crew the opportunity to make a positive difference to your marble and be glad that you did! We are sure to greatly impress you! Our team of professionals will make your marble surface look as good as new again. With our proven expertise, understanding and dedication, we effectively bring out the highest potential of natural stone flooring and counter tops. Regardless of the size and scale of your marble assignment, we are ready to help you and facilitate you in every possible way.

No doubt, you invested in marble, due to its classic beauty. That is why you are at an advantage with us! Choose us to professionally restore and maintain that classic spectacle. Clearly, marble floors and counter tops in your home, office or on your boat, suffer wear and tear. Regular usage may remove the luster, sheen and shine from the marble surface, making it appear dull and uninteresting. Fortunately for you, solutions abound here at the highly experienced marble care and marble restoration company, AAA Marble Care. We, AAA Marble Care, are committed to providing you with the first-class marine, residential and commercial marble restoration, that you would expect from a company as highly rated as we are, here in South Florida. We are family owned and operated and have many years of marble care experience under our belts. We are ready the go the extra mile to please you. We are proficient, not only with marble restoration, repair, polishing, but with caring all natural stone fixtures. Hire us to get the restoration job started. We promise great results!

A piece of marble, well-cared for and professionally restored, is a piece of art, in every sense of the word. Here at AAA Marble Care, our workers are passionate about all aspects of marble and its professional care. Our highly experienced tradesmen can help to restore walls, showers, staining grout, vanities and natural stone or marble surface. We use diamond grinding, high quality stone polishing pads, polishing powders and special machinery, to remove the dullness, etching, staining that occurred over time on the marble floors and counter tops. We apply stone color enhancers with great care, in order to securely seal the surface of the stone and add high-level protection. To produce the shine, we use polishing powder which removes any haze left on your floors and counter tops. Our Marble Restoration services will bring back that natural shine you and your family long for in your marble pieces and surfaces. Why waste time searching for marble care tradesmen to handle your marble restoration? We are ready to evaluate your marble, professionally advise you and do the work!

We, at AAA Marble Care specialize in natural stone care which includes preservation, restoration and complete repair of fine stone and tile. Our overall experience goes into every project we carry out. In addition to our knowledge and understanding, it is our artistic craftsmanship that has been a major bonus to our company. We use only premium products in order to ensure careful attention to detail. These factors set us apart from the competition. In addition to marble cleaning, marble restoration and marble polishing, AAA Marble Care provides stone restoration, stain management, crack repair, polishing, grinding, color enhancing, color sealing, etch removal, stone restoring/refinishing, tile and grout cleaning.

Marble Care

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  • Polishing Sealing

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  • Staining grout
  • Sealing
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